Cultural Change


Understanding Workplace Culture

Exploring Cultural Dynamics   

This short program explores the dynamics of workplace culture and how development and improvements can be implemented.  As the traditional hierarchical business models are disappearing, they are being replaced in the leading-edge companies with ‘flatter’, more adaptive structures.

The critical need to harness and fully utilise the people assets within your business, to ensure future retention rates and the productive use of your workforce, is fast becoming the most important focus in workplaces moving forward. The work on your company culture is now becoming the most important work to do.


Building a Great 
Workplace Culture

Planning for Cultural Development    

Designed specifically for business leaders, this program will clarify exactly what is involved in the process of cultural development and equip and enable you to be well prepared for the changes you want to make.

This one-day program is the essential first step when you know you need to address the culture in your business. It provides a clear overview of the key things to consider when embarking on a cultural intervention and how to move forward with confidence, to plan for the specific changes your business needs to make, to transform into its ‘best self’.


The Cultural
Transformation Process 

Harnessing the Momentum in Your Organisation (In-House Targeted Process)

This is a consultative process designed to transform your organisational culture, utilising a combination of leadership training intensives and coaching/mentoring sessions, coupled with some onsite staff development workshops and departmental brainstorming sessions.  The process is targeted specifically to your business and its cultural development needs.

It will equip senior and executive leaders with the information, skills and clarity they need, to implement and proactively participate, in developing the company culture to achieve its best outcome.  This training process will transform the way your people work together and bring alignment, consistency and clarity to your business methodologies.  It will also change the way you interact with your clients and your business community and thus, how they work with you.