Susie is an inspiring and engaging speaker with a wealth of experience and invaluable information for business leaders, and those seeking the leading-edge information and proven strategies for real organisational change.

She is well-versed on the in-house, on-site, coal-face challenges that confront business leaders, because she has lived-in corporate cultures as an embedded resource, over many years and in many companies.  Her work is exceptional and powerful.

Susie’s ability to engage all in her audiences, from executive level leaders, right to the shop floor, to business contractors and client groups, makes her a valuable resource; she can speak about complex concepts with a unique and meaningful approach, that makes her vital information and deep understanding of business, easy to understand.

Susie has a clear vision to inspire business leaders to engage in ‘conscious business’ and proactively empower their people to do and be their best.  She believes that true empowerment in workplaces will harmonise and align business activities, create courageous leaders and produce the kind of cultures that people will want and seek to work in.

Presentations are tailored to your working agenda across a range of topics related to corporate culture, leadership, team development, emotional intelligence, behavioural change and professional development.