The ‘Cultural Diagnostic’ is a series of open, interactive discussions designed to fully explore the opportunities existing within your organisation for cultural and leadership development; they are a critical first step to establish alignment and understand the options for real and sustainable outcomes.

Using a strong intuitive and rational approach, Susie will listen carefully to your needs and aims and then engage in an open discussion to explore industry parameters, any specific issues and an overview of your business activities.  To further clarify existing cultural norms and competencies, Susie will then provide a comprehensive diagnostic process including: an onsite ‘Dialogue Survey’ to confirm development needs and ‘listen to your culture’; leadership inquiry tools to measure the existing leadership focus and observation sessions of you and your people at work, to witness your business ‘culture in action’.

With an overview of your organisation’s needs and key activities in mind, Susie will then meet with your key leadership positions and engage them in an open forum to explore their ideas and discuss their views on the key development needs for leadership and culture within the business, and to answer any questions raised. Based on these discussions, the leader’s forum and the findings of the diagnostic, Susie will then design a strategic approach, founded on your aims and tailored to ‘fit’ your business, your people and the demands of your industry.

As a follow-up to these discussions and planning sessions, a targeted training and development process will be implemented in your organisation. The process will be focused on developing the capability within your organisational leaders to drive the cultural development process with input, support and training from Susie Walker; she will also monitor the process and provide tactical staff forums, intensives and training sessions to guide and align progress.