A New Way of Developing Leaders

Today’s great leaders are competent influencers, confident communicators and individuals who have the capacity to adapt and correct under pressure, inspire others with a vision and it’s connecting values, and effectively take people on a journey to a new destination.

Most leaders understand the cognitive and behavioural aspects of leadership, but leaders have a far greater impact when they can use more than just their intellect. Leaders who can ‘be’ themselves with courage, strength and compassion, find deeper reserves of integrity, authenticity and presence, even when they’re challenged.

‘Authentic leadership is born out of a process of self-development; a progression through the ‘inner journey’ that produces integrity, commitment and the passion to achieve something greater than the self.’

Great leadership is essentially ‘an internal process’; it rests on self-awareness and self-management; it encompasses personal consistency, effectively engaging others, being an inspirational role model, inviting change and demonstrating resilience in an increasingly turbulent organisational world. These leaders are rare; they are the people who bring sustainable and memorable change wherever they go, and within an organisation, can propel it and its people toward extraordinary outcomes.

Susie Walker has been teaching and coaching leadership positions at all levels of organisations for many years; her approach is unique, personal and powerfully transformative. She is highly committed to the empowerment of individuals, especially those who hold great responsibility across groups of people; whether they be in a workplace, community or family situation.

‘Business leaders define and shape company culture via their behaviours, attitudes and actions; they are ‘cultural influencers’ and their impact is clearly visible in a culture; whether it’s great or otherwise.’

Great leaders ‘provide an arena’ for the empowerment of those around them, and from this arena, a culture blossoms. These leaders understand the concept of engagement and how it produces trust, commitment and high levels of performance.  Susie Walker’s leadership programs are all intensive in nature and focused primarily on personal development and individual empowerment; these are the strong foundations from which genuine leadership proficiency arises and company cultures develop exponentially.

‘LEAD YOURSELF FIRST’ – the program that builds great leaders from the inside out… see this under ‘TRAINING PROGRAMS’