A Systematic, Stepped Process to Grow Your People

‘The Cultural Transformation Process’ is a consultative process, designed to transform your organisational culture, utilising a combination of leadership training intensives and individual coaching/mentoring sessions, coupled with some onsite staff development workshops and departmental brainstorming sessions.  This is a company-wide approach to solving your business challenges, inspiring your people to deliver like they never have before and creating a business that will attract and keep the best talent in your industry.

‘Comprehensive cultural change initiatives are the single most effective way to educate your business to become its best self. When you get the cultural impact right, and spread it systematically across your entire organisation, some truly extraordinary outcomes suddenly become possible.’

This methodology is targeted to your business, the industry standards it must meet, and specifically to its cultural development needs.  It will equip senior and executive leaders with the information, skills and clarity they need, to implement and proactively participate, in developing the company culture to achieve its best outcome.

‘Most people mistake ‘people management’ for leadership, and the truth is, if you manage people, they never learn to manage themselves.  If you are a ‘people manager’ then you need to keep an ever-watchful eye on all your people, because your behaviour has taught them that they are not responsible for their own outcomes, you are.’

The training process will transform the way your people work together and bring alignment, consistency and clarity to your daily business activities.  It will also change the way you interact with your clients and your business community and thus, how they work with you.

Susie Walker has specialised in fully engaging business cultures in both the intellectual (rational) and emotional (expressive and behavioural) development processes; she fully understands the need for change to occur in both aspects, for the results to be outstanding and lasting.  Immersing your organisation in a process of this type inspires extraordinary individual development, which in turn produces a company-wide approach to working that is collaborative, innovative, professional and aligned; this is a platform for sustainable growth and remarkable business outcomes.

‘When your people come to work in a culture they have developed, they will love their workplace and work hard to maintain it and ensure its profitability.’

Conducted as a company-wide initiative and driven by your leaders, this process engages your whole organisation and provides targeted guidance and proactive support to them as they work to develop your company culture.  Support is provided by Susie Walker via classroom and on-site workshops, to ensure your leaders are well prepared to deliver great results, and your staff acquainted with the fundamental concepts and skillsets, that make the cultural development process unfold successfully and become sustainable for the future.

This program is tailored specifically to your organisational vision, values and current cultural maturity and begins with a series of intensive planning and strategy sessions, to map the implementation process.  For more information, contact Susie Walker to discuss your specific organisational needs.

‘The Cultural Transformation Process’ – the comprehensive, internal training process that will develop your best culture, no matter the size of your business nor the developmental stage of your culture.  This process simply takes your culture from where it is, through progressive steps to its ‘best self’.

Complimentary Cultural Presentation

To understand how this Cultural Development Process works, invite Susie Walker to meet with your business leaders to present a ninety-minute overview of cultural development, and how her methodology can transform your Company Culture.