The Partner Program to ‘Lead Yourself First’

‘Lead Others to Lead Themselves’ is an intensive program designed to drastically improve the way you lead at work and support the development of the culture in your business workplace.  Authentic leaders are confident, decisive and optimistic and they know how to inspire others to join them on a campaign.

They possess an open and engaging style and demonstrate empathy and awareness; they communicate effectively, stay on track and drive business outcomes in line with the values of their people and the vision of the company.  This program is designed to develop workplace leaders capable of leading authentically and inspiring those around them.

Leadership is about responsibility, accountability and courage and when your business has a critical mass of ‘real’ leadership capability at all levels, you will have a great culture.  Leadership is a process of self-development and this program includes a strong, personal development component, which is the key reason why attendees buy-in so strongly and remember and use the skills in all areas of their lives; especially at work.  This program is designed to follow-on from the ‘Lead Yourself First’, personal empowerment training.

‘Let’s take leadership out of the boardroom and spread it through the entire organisation; leadership at every level of a business, is empowerment, engagement and responsibility at every level.

‘Lead Others to Lead Themselves’ is designed to engage and expand the communication and soft-skills capabilities, necessary for individuals to demonstrate the transparent integrity, accountability and self-mastery that will begin to transform your workplace culture and facilitate greater business outcomes.  Most leaders understand the cognitive and behavioural aspects of leadership, but leaders have a far greater impact when they can use more than just their intellect.  Leaders who can ‘be’ themselves with courage, strength and compassion, find deeper reserves of integrity, authenticity and presence, even when they’re challenged.

‘These leaders are rare; they are the people who bring sustainable and memorable change wherever they go, and within an organisation, can propel it and its people toward extraordinary outcomes.’

The Content Includes

A rich mix of topics designed to accelerate leadership capability in a workplace setting, including:

  • Be the leader you want others to become
  • Leading to influence outcomes in others
  • The impact of leadership on organisational cultures
  • Communicating to engage, empower and inspire others
  • The psychology of personal empowerment
  • Integrity, response-ability, accountability and the art of ‘natural influence’
  • Understanding motivation and the tactics for momentum
  • Personal power and grounded assertiveness; keys to clarity
  • Emotional awareness, management, maturity and development
  • Conflict proficiency and skills for resolving disagreements
  • Encouraging and enabling the empowerment of others
  • Getting out of the way, so others can ‘grow up’

‘Leadership is no longer a senior role; it is a life-skill, and when you offer it to your people, you equip them with the capability to lead well at work and at home, and they will use and appreciate your gift for the rest of their lives.’

If you drive the outcomes in your business, it’s important to understand the critical importance of authentic leadership; the more ‘real’ leaders you have in your organisation, the better your company culture will become; this is why authentic leadership development is the best investment you will ever make in your business.

‘Wisdom is that special blend of experience, knowledge, and good judgement; the art of inspiring a deeper awareness and a more authentic journey in others.’

Leadership capability is uniquely meaningful to everyone; attendees will interpret and utilise the skills, data and concepts that make up this program in their own distinctive ways.  As they progress through the course, they will ‘stack’ and integrate the new information and add innovative dimensions to old skillsets and broaden their approach to everything they do. 

The program is conducted in a series of short, high-impact training sessions, spanning several months; it is part two, of a two-part leadership development program.  It is designed to allow time for integration and understanding to develop in all participants.  Allowing them the time to learn and then practice the skills and behaviours, in their workplace and home environments and have the opportunity to ask questions, get feedback and make adjustments, this is a critical factor in the success of the program.

Dates and Times Coming Soon …