Susie Walker

Susie Walker is vibrant, warm and inspiring; she has been teaching cultural dynamics and personal empowerment to workplace leaders, their teams and individuals keen to accelerate their own development, for over 30 years.

She has a unique and profound approach to her work and provides an open, expansive arena for individuals to source new ways of finding their inner authority and more resourceful ways to be in their workplace, their family and the world.

To date, Susie has concentrated much of her work in corporate business on long-term, cultural change projects empowering executive management groups, team leaders and work teams across entire organisations.

She is now teaching business leaders about how to empower their people and develop their workplace culture by driving internal change and sustaining their progress long-term.

‘The quality and depth of your own development is the gift you continually give to other people’ 

Her success as an ‘interventive’ coach has been developed over the years in thousands of coaching and counselling sessions with people from all walks of life, giving them the skills to repair their broken relationships, negotiate effectively in difficult situations and influence their workplace peers to support resourceful change.

Susie believes that a good coach is flexible and creative in their approach to solutions and strategies, regardless of whether the team is at work or at home. Susie’s passion has always been to bring conscious intention to the ways individuals experience their primary relationships and interact with each other; she considers the expansion of individual awareness a major key in effectively addressing many of our current social challenges.