Susie Walker Corporate

Susie Walker is highly focused and passionate about achieving the best results and being a true catalyst for change in the people and organisations she works with.  She is an experienced professional, providing valuable strategic input about cultural initiatives, leadership requirements and the key things to consider when you want to effect a company-wide impact or change process.

A powerful facilitator, trainer and speaker with a warm, engaging style, Susie has the ability to influence ‘company mindset’ and drive cultural awareness, to build the level of momentum necessary to effect real and lasting organisational transformation.  Much of her career has been spent working on targeted cultural initiatives across entire organisations.  She has also conducted thousands of hours of professional development and executive coaching sessions as well as small group intensives to empower leaders at all levels of a business.

Susie has a clear vision to inspire business leaders to engage in ‘conscious business’ and proactively empower their people to do and be their best. True empowerment in workplaces will harmonise and align business activities, create courageous leaders and produce the kind of cultures that people will want and seek to work in.

‘Organisational culture is the environment that a business goes to work in. It is expressed in the words, behaviours and actions of the people within it. Cultural development is the exposure of what is sitting dormant in your people as their ‘best way of being.’ 

Susie leads a highly focussed and exceptional company, specialising in developing leaders to build empowered workplace cultures and inspire individuals at all levels of an organisation, to support the company drive toward cultural and business success.

With experience and a proven track record across a range of industries, Susie has repeatedly demonstrated her ability to meet and exceed the expectations of her clients. For many years, she has been actively engaged and embedded in organisations as a client-oriented enterprise with a primary focus on leadership development, open, resourceful communication and cultural collaboration.

Susie offers a unique service to business leaders who are searching for an innovative, cutting-edge process that will bring tangible and lasting results.

Susie Walker brings to a project

  • Extensive experience in cultural change dynamics and the strategic application of cultural change programs
  • A commitment to quality and best practice, with a focus on aligning systems, procedures and processes to suit a transforming business culture
  • Exceptional capability in the development of individuals in leadership roles at all levels of an organisation by way of individual profiling and coaching intensives
  • Wide-ranging expertise to influence resourceful behavioural change in leadership teams and work groups via cutting-edge communication workshops
  • Broad experience in training delivery in a variety of industries, with a reputation for innovation and excellence evidenced by a successful track record

Some of the organisations who have engaged Susie Walker are:

  • Novotel Twin Waters Resort Queensland
  • The Regent Hotel Melbourne
  • Solaris Power Melbourne
  • Victorian Energy Network Corporation
  • Rockwell Automation Melbourne
  • Australia Post
  • Box Hill Institute of TAFE
  • RMIT School of Nursing
  • The Royal Women’s Hospital
  • Contexx Pty Ltd
  • Contexx Engineering
  • Faulding Pharmaceuticals
  • Mayne Pharma
  • Sigma Pharmaceuticals
  • GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals
  • CSL Bioplasma
  • Celgene

What people say

‘I have known Susie Walker since April 2001 when I joined Faulding Pharmaceuticals, as Head of Regulatory Affairs & Drug Safety.   She is always very professional in her approach and has achieved tremendous success with our teams.  Susie is great at both the team and individual levels and her accomplishments at Faulding have left a lasting and powerful impression.  After joining CSL Bioplasma in early 2003, I invited Susie to work with me again, and again I was extremely satisfied with her approach and the success she achieved in Regulatory Affairs.  Her success is simply a result of how she conducts herself and how she applies her knowledge and experience; Susie commands a great deal of respect.’

Patricia Soon Shiong. Director,
Regulatory Affairs.
Biogenerics, Australia