Susie began her teaching life in the large, open-plan lounge room of her home in the beautiful, bush hills surrounding the city of Melbourne. At first, she worked with small groups of her coaching and counselling clients, offering small intensives on a variety of her teachings and then later to broader groups who had heard of her work.

In these early years, Susie focused much of her work in relationship, grief and trauma counselling, as well as intensive individual coaching sessions, offering skills for greater self-awareness, self-management and personal change. She also conducted live-in, training intensives on a regular basis to train other trainers, therapists and enthusiasts in breath work, body work, movement yoga, spiritual disciplines, psychotherapy, NLP and dynamic feedback techniques.  These early intensive groups were to shape the style of Susie’s later work with leaders, workplace teams and individuals in specialised sessions, on emotional overload, physical and emotional violence and workplace mediations.

‘My early work with intensive groups taught me the critical importance of individual development. In any group of people, whether it’s a family, a workplace team or a seminar group, each individual contributes to the capability of the whole group to make change,  go to a new level of cooperation, or not.’        

It was not long before business leaders began attending Susie’s groups and inviting her to bring her unique work into their organisations. It was the early 1980’s and Susie began working in a number of medium to large corporations in the hospitality, utility, communication and industrial sectors of business.  She was to spend over 30 years, embedded as a client resource in these workplaces, conducting long-term, company-wide cultural alignment programs, and specialising in leadership and team development initiatives, both here in Australia and overseas.

Currently, Susie is moving her work onto a broader stage to reach more people with her teachings; she is also writing a book about her years in corporate business, her methodology for cultural transformation and how to inspire independence and empowerment within organisations. Her major focus for now is to bring what she calls ‘Conscious Business’ into the arena of our workplaces.

‘Conscious Business’ is the process of paying attention to how you do business and how you build your company culture; this is what your people will be shaped by, inspired by and driven by, to create the success or mediocrity that will be your business.’

Teaching leadership, resourceful communication and collaboration through personal empowerment are her major fortes. She is known for her ability to inspire people to make powerful change and she promotes a sense of ease and fun in that process.  Susie’s studies have concentrated on psychology, philosophy, neuro-linguistics, stress and crisis management and the esoteric teachings from ancient Eastern and Western philosophies.