Intensives & Retreats

Understanding Grief & Sadness

Skills for Navigating Loss   

This evening series is for anyone who is struggling to come to terms with loss, grief or a traumatic situation in their life, or for anyone who wants to explore these powerful emotional states in order to better support those around them.

It is a journey through the psychological and spiritual backdrop of some of the darkest emotional states we move through during life and the search for the meaning and peace that arrives at the integration of them.



Inner Fitness 

Self-Healing Strategies for Inner Peace   (A Weekend Retreat)

This weekend retreat is an opportunity to find a deep level of inner peace and relaxation and to learn the fundamentals for continuing your practice at home.

A mix of meditations, visualisations and experiential relaxations, this retreat promises something different to inspire a deep sense of inner peace.

Sharing, creative expression, lectures on mindset and mindfulness as well as open discussion sessions, you will find new information and unique ways to find stillness and relaxation.