The Most Important Part of Your Business

Organisational culture is the environment your business goes to work in.  It is created by the people in your business, not by the owners or leaders of your business.  Simply put, it can be described as ‘the way we do things around here’, and every time someone new arrives in your business, the existing culture influences them to join it, and become a part of what it is.  Your culture has been developing since the inception of your business and it is an expression of the impact of everything that has happened to it.

Your culture is the most impacting aspect of your business; it affects your bottom line, your productivity, your results, how your industry views you, the success of your marketing campaigns and whether you can attract and hold the best talent your industry has to offer.

To develop a better culture, you must approach the development process in a systematic, disciplined and wholistic way; if you don’t, what you do will just become another bit of what already exists.  If you get the process right, your business will become an authentic leader in its industry and what you will see on a daily basis, can only be described as extraordinary.

Transformation of a business culture is not something you can put on ‘the list’ and get done quickly; the change you want must be well targeted and work towards something that is an authentic reflection of your company’s ‘best self’, not an idea constructed in a boardroom to be handed down to your people.

The traditional ‘command and control’ methodology is still very prevalent in corporate business, despite a growing demand for a more collaborative approach where leaders, managers and their teams have the empowerment to decide and execute their decisions.  The expanding digital impact and new business practices designed to encourage collaboration and to harness the intelligence and the commitment of everyone, have struggled, and recent studies suggest most organisations revert to their old ways quite quickly.

‘A high-impact, company-wide development process that is as meaningful to each individual as it is to the whole culture, brings longevity and is sustainable, because people take the learning home with them and use it everywhere in their lives.  It is an integrated process, permeating all levels of the business, the work teams and family teams of your people.  This is what builds great culture.

Susie Walker specialises in sustainable cultural development and people empowerment. She provides a suite of specific programs, tailored to your organisational needs, designed to bring genuine capability to your leaders, proactive teamwork and collaborative relationships to your workplace and a vibrant and transparent company culture into your business.

Typically, following this type of cultural process, there are synergistic outcomes that include:

  • A workplace filled with individuals, competent in their interpersonal skills and passionate to support the development of those around them
  • Staff who maintain their own work/life balance and are happy to come to work because they feel valued and inspired
  • An empowered leadership mindset at every level of the organisation which enables responsibility and accountability at every level
  • A business that attracts and holds the best people in your industry
  • Observable pride and a proactive, professional attitude in employees who feel privileged to be part of the business

‘These programs are powerful, experiential and meaningful; they will strongly impact how your people work together in the future and produce a company culture that is sophisticated, innovative, aligned and cohesive, and a clear demonstration to other businesses of what is possible.’


The Consultation Process

The ‘Cultural Diagnostic’ is a series of open, interactive discussions designed to fully explore the opportunities existing within your organisation for cultural and leadership development; they are a critical first step to establish alignment and understand the options for real and sustainable outcomes.

Using a strong intuitive and rational approach, Susie will listen carefully to your needs and aims and then engage in an open discussion to explore industry parameters, any specific issues and an overview of your business activities.  To further clarify existing cultural norms and competencies, Susie will then provide a comprehensive diagnostic process including: an onsite ‘Dialogue Survey’ to confirm development needs and ‘listen to your culture’; leadership inquiry tools to measure the existing leadership focus and observation sessions of you and your people at work, to witness your business ‘culture in action’.

With an overview of your organisation’s needs and key activities in mind, Susie will then meet with your key leadership positions and engage them in an open forum to explore their ideas and discuss their views on the key development needs for leadership and culture within the business, and to answer any questions raised. Based on these discussions, the leader’s forum and the findings of the diagnostic, Susie will then design a strategic approach, founded on your aims and tailored to ‘fit’ your business, your people and the demands of your industry.

As a follow-up to these discussions and planning sessions, a targeted training and development process will be implemented in your organisation. The process will be focused on developing the capability within your organisational leaders to drive the cultural development process with input, support and training from Susie Walker; she will also monitor the process and provide tactical staff forums, intensives and training sessions to guide and align progress.



Using a ‘Whole Person’ Approach, with a Focus on Full Empowerment

Organisational training is implemented to improve business effectiveness; to align strategy, people and business processes, to improve collaboration, communication and productivity.  To work well, it must address both the “hard” issues: strategy, policies, structures and systems; and the “soft” issues, those that develop appropriate skills, behaviours, attitudes and a style of leadership that will enable the organisation to deliver optimum performance.

Making changes to an organisation doesn’t work as well as making change within the people who are that organisation.  Collaboration happens between people who have the capability and courage to step up and engage proactively with others; this happens when you give them the opportunity to grow as individuals; to make personal change toward their own empowerment; this is the key to cultural development.

‘Many cultural change initiatives have failed dismally because leaders tried to ‘implement a new culture’ rather than effectively growing their existing one.’

Neglecting the development of emotional intelligence in your people will prevent the kind of behavioural change necessary for cultural success. So, linking the cultural dialogue with how people in your organisation are behaving is a critical success factor. People development is not about ‘intellectual engagement’; it is a progression through a series of experiences that engage the ‘whole person’ in each participant, and which ‘lifts them’ to better and better versions of themselves. Culture is clearly visible in your business via the internal conversations and behaviours that demonstrate its quality and emotional maturity.

To attempt to implement a cultural process in your business that does not address both the rational and emotional aspects of development, is leaving out half of the information.  For real and lasting change to occur, the process must address and embed information to the intellect as well as the emotional/feeling aspects; it must be meaningful to the experience of a person’s life and make sense to them.

‘Emotional Intelligence is the missing link in corporate workplaces; when an individual is under-developed emotionally, they are a prisoner of their reactive behaviours and often cannot see the impact they have on those around them. This is dangerous in a workplace, but it’s devastating in the home environment.’

Behavioural change happens when people trust new skills and information and they ‘enable’ new ways of behaving, to show up in the presence of others. Many people feel uncomfortable in a change process, but it becomes easy when the information is relevant to them, they feel empowered with it and can use it naturally in their interactions, both at home and at work.

‘When people become more confident emotionally and they feel they can trust themselves to respond resourcefully, even under pressure, a new sense of responsibility and commitment emerges in every part of their lives.’



A New Way of Developing Leaders

Today’s great leaders are competent influencers, confident communicators and individuals who have the capacity to adapt and correct under pressure, inspire others with a vision and it’s connecting values and effectively take people on a journey to a new destination.

Most leaders understand the cognitive and behavioural aspects of leadership, but leaders have a far greater impact when they can use more than just their intellect. Leaders who can ‘be’ themselves with courage, strength and compassion, find deeper reserves of integrity, authenticity and presence, even when they’re challenged.

‘Authentic leadership is born out of a process of self-development; a progression through the ‘inner journey’ that produces integrity, commitment and the passion to achieve something greater than the self.’

Great leadership is essentially ‘an internal process’; it rests on self-awareness and self-management, personal consistency, effectively engaging others, being an inspirational role model, inviting change and demonstrating resilience in an increasingly turbulent organisational world. These leaders are rare; they are the people who bring sustainable and memorable change wherever they go, and within an organisation, can propel it and its people toward extraordinary outcomes.

Susie Walker has been teaching and coaching leadership positions at all levels of organisations for many years; her approach is unique, personal and powerfully transformative. She is highly committed to the empowerment of individuals, especially those who hold great responsibility across groups of people; whether they be in a workplace, community or family situation.

‘Business leaders define and shape company culture via their behaviours, attitudes and actions; they are ‘cultural influencers’ and their impact is clearly visible in a culture; whether it’s great or otherwise.’

Great leaders ‘provide an arena’ for the empowerment of those around them, and from this arena, a culture blossoms. These leaders understand the concept of engagement and how it produces trust, commitment and high levels of performance.  Susie Walker’s leadership programs are all intensive in nature and focused primarily on personal development and individual empowerment; these are the strong foundations from which genuine leadership proficiency arises and company cultures develop exponentially.

‘LEAD YOURSELF FIRST’ – the program that builds great leaders from the inside out… see this on the ‘PROGRAMS’ page



A Systematic, Stepped Process to Grow Your People

‘The Cultural Transformation Process’ is a consultative process, designed to transform your organisational culture, utilising a combination of leadership training intensives and individual coaching/mentoring sessions, coupled with some onsite staff development workshops and departmental brainstorming sessions.  This is a company-wide approach to solving your business challenges, inspiring your people to deliver like they never have before and creating a business that will attract and keep the best talent in your industry.

‘Comprehensive cultural change initiatives are the single most effective way to educate your business to become its best self. When you get the cultural impact right, and spread it systematically across your entire organisation, some truly extraordinary outcomes suddenly become possible.’

This methodology is targeted to your business, the industry standards it must meet, and specifically to its cultural development needs.  It will equip senior and executive leaders with the information, skills and clarity they need, to implement and proactively participate, in developing the company culture to achieve its best outcome.

‘Most people mistake ‘people management’ for leadership, and the truth is, if you manage people, they never learn to manage themselves.  If you are a ‘people manager’ then you need to keep an ever-watchful eye on all your people, because your behaviour has taught them that they are not responsible for their own outcomes, you are.’

The training process will transform the way your people work together and bring alignment, consistency and clarity to your daily business activities.  It will also change the way you interact with your clients and your business community and thus, how they work with you.

Susie Walker has specialised in fully engaging business cultures in both the intellectual (rational) and emotional (expressive and behavioural) development processes; she fully understands the need for change to occur in both aspects, for the results to be outstanding and lasting.  Immersing your organisation in a process of this type inspires extraordinary individual development, which in turn produces a company-wide approach to working that is collaborative, innovative, professional and aligned; this is a platform for sustainable growth and remarkable business outcomes.

‘When your people come to work in a culture they have developed, they will love their workplace and work hard to maintain it and ensure its profitability.’

Conducted as a company-wide initiative and driven by your leaders, this process engages your whole organisation and provides targeted guidance and proactive support to them as they work to develop your company culture.  Support is provided by Susie Walker via classroom and on-site workshops, to ensure your leaders are well prepared to deliver great results, and your staff acquainted with the fundamental concepts and skillsets, that make the cultural development process unfold successfully and become sustainable for the future.

This program is tailored specifically to your organisational vision, values and current cultural maturity and begins with a series of intensive planning and strategy sessions, to map the implementation process.  For more information, contact Susie Walker to discuss your specific organisational needs.

‘The Cultural Transformation Process’ – the comprehensive, internal training process that will develop your best culture, no matter the size of your business nor the developmental stage of your culture.  This process simply takes your culture from where it is, through progressive steps to its ‘best self’.

Complimentary Cultural Presentation

To understand how this Cultural Development Process works, invite Susie Walker to meet with your business leaders to present a ninety-minute overview of cultural development, and how her methodology can transform your Company Culture.