Cultural Development

The Cultural Transformation Process

Harnessing the Momentum in Your Organisation

To effect authentic change and build a truly leading-edge company culture, it is critical to engage with the existing cultural dynamics and develop them.

The secret to success lies in tapping the talent within your people and teaching them how to come together to create their best working environment and ideal company culture.  This is not a task done by your leaders; their role is to ‘provide the arena’; your people will then develop a company culture that reflects the best potential for them and the business.

‘Many cultural change initiatives have failed dismally because leaders tried to ‘implement a new culture’ rather than effectively growing their existing one.’

Susie Walker has specialised in fully engaging business cultures in both the intellectual (rational) and emotional (expressive and behavioural) development processes; she fully understands the need for change to occur in both of these aspects, for the results to be outstanding and lasting.

Immersing your organisation in a process of this type inspires extraordinary individual development, which in turn produces a company-wide approach to working that is collaborative, innovative, professional and aligned; this is a platform for sustainable growth and remarkable business outcomes.

Conducted as a company-wide initiative and driven by your leaders, this process engages your whole organisation and provides targeted guidance and proactive support to them as they work to develop your company culture.

‘When your people come to work in a culture they have developed, they will love their workplace and work hard to maintain it and ensure its profitability.’

Support is provided by Susie Walker via classroom and on-site workshops, to ensure your leaders are well prepared to deliver great results, and your staff acquainted with the fundamental concepts and skillsets, that make the cultural development process unfold successfully and become sustainable for the future.

This program is tailored specifically to your organisational vision, values and current cultural maturity and begins with a series of intensive planning and strategy sessions, to map the implementation process.


What People Say

‘As Development and Portfolio Director, R&D, I am currently responsible for product development in an international generic pharmaceutical company, and have worked with Susie Walker, on a long-term cultural change program across a group of up to 90 scientists. This program has been most effective in changing the culture from one with a low level of morale and motivation, defensiveness and blame, unresolved conflicts, poor communication, poor multi-functional team dynamics and sub-optimal performance. Susie provided a tailored program, designed to develop self-awareness, improve team dynamics, encourage open communication between staff and management, establish a customer service orientation, and achieve a sustainable cultural change.

We are currently running at maintenance levels to ensure the satisfactory introduction of new staff into the teams. This approach has proved particularly successful and has been quantified through a variety of tools developed for this purpose. These tools ranged from 6-monthly questionnaires and surveys to feedback workshops. They demonstrated a significant and sustained increase in morale, communication, collaboration, planning and job satisfaction, despite a protracted company takeover and difficult enterprise agreement negotiations.  Susie’s programs are typically based on training sessions for staff and management that deliver theory and facts, but then integrate them into the workplace and day-to-day interactions through facilitated discussions and activities. Susie works with managers and staff as a high performance coach and is very effective at resolving workplace conflicts and poor performance issues. She provides personal development for managers, such that they improve their skills in identifying issues in their teams and then effectively escalating them for resolution.

This accelerates the team development process and effectively works through the challenges rather than suppressing them, and thus develops high performance teams. Susie’s commitment to long-term sustainable results, achieves very effective outcomes, with the advantage of close cooperation with managers to address specific staff issues, particularly persistent ones. She is an experienced professional, able to quickly build rapport with staff at all levels, and to win their trust and confidence, such that they are able to achieve a much higher level of self-development than through typical short, fact-based courses. She is very effective in team development, leadership, conflict resolution and mediation for individuals and larger groups. Based on my experience of working with Susie over many years as a behavioural change specialist, I would highly recommend her to other managers and organisations where there is a serious commitment to achieving cultural change as a basis for improved performance and where there is a need for the development of high quality interpersonal workplace relationships.’

Dr Geraldine Elliott.
Development & Portfolio Director,
Faulding/Mayne Pharma, Australia