Behavioural Change Imperatives

Neglecting the development of emotional intelligence in your people will prevent the kind of behavioural change necessary for cultural success.

Linking the cultural dialogue with how people in your organisation are behaving is a critical success factor. Culture is clearly visible in your business via the internal conversations and behaviours that demonstrate its quality and emotional maturity.

‘Emotional Intelligence is the missing link in corporate workplaces; when an individual is under-developed emotionally, they are a prisoner of their reactive behaviours and often cannot see the impact they have on those around them. This is dangerous in a workplace, but it’s devastating in the home environment.’

To attempt to implement a cultural process in your business that does not address both the rational and emotional aspects of development, is leaving out half of the information.  For real and lasting change to occur, the process must address and embed information to the intellect as well as the emotional/feeling aspects; it has to be meaningful to the experience of a person’s life and make sense to them.

‘When people become more confident emotionally and they feel they can trust themselves to respond resourcefully, even under pressure, a new sense of responsibility and commitment emerges in every part of their lives.’

Behavioural change happens when people trust new skills and information and they ‘enable’ new ways of behaving, to show up in the presence of others. Many people feel uncomfortable in a change process, but it becomes easy when the information is relevant to them, they feel empowered with it and can use it naturally in their interactions, both at home and at work.

What People Say

“When we implemented the program, the benefits were immediate and exceptionally positive!  Staff members became better equipped to adapt to a rapidly changing environment, communicate more effectively with each other and our clients, to work more collaboratively and cooperatively as a team and to perform to their maximum capacity.  Productivity has increased and our credibility has grown two-fold as a result.  Susie’s presentation style is powerful and unique; she has the special ability to induce constructive, permanent and positive change in all who participate.”

Dianne Baxter,
Department Head,
Box Hill TAFE, Victoria