Susie specialises in sustainable cultural development and people empowerment. She is highly focused and passionate about achieving the best results and being a true catalyst for change in the people and organisations she works with.

She offers a unique service to business leaders who are searching for an innovative, cutting-edge process that will bring tangible and lasting results.

Susie Walker Brings to a Project

  • Extensive experience in cultural change dynamics and the strategic application of cultural change programs
  • A commitment to quality and best practice, with a focus on aligning systems, procedures and processes to suit a transforming business culture
  • Exceptional capability in the development of individuals in leadership roles at all levels of an organisation by way of individual profiling and coaching intensives
  • Wide-ranging expertise to influence resourceful behavioural change in leadership teams and work groups via cutting-edge communication workshops
  • Broad experience in training delivery in a variety of industries, with a reputation for innovation and excellence evidenced by a successful track record

‘Wisdom is that special blend of experience, knowledge, and good judgement; the art of inspiring a deeper awareness and a more authentic journey in others.’

With experience and a proven track record across a range of industries, Susie has repeatedly demonstrated her ability to meet and exceed the expectations of her clients. For many years, she has been actively engaged and embedded in organisations as a client-oriented enterprise with a primary focus on leadership development, open, resourceful communication and cultural collaboration.