Ways to Deepen Your Personal Development

Programs for individuals wanting to work intensively on a specific aspect of their development and who appreciate the value of working online, anywhere and anytime, to learn at their own rate.

These personal ‘intensives’ consist of a series of online presentation sessions, which include information sessions, hypnotic trance work, guided contemplations, deep, theta-level reprogramming and other types of self-examination and interventive processes, all designed to accelerate your personal development in the more esoteric areas of personal growth.

Conducted in a well-designed, well-targeted format to ensure focus, deep learning and understanding, these sessions are a comprehensive exploration into the foundational aspects of being a person.

‘Intensives are a concentrated dive into your personal psychology and philosophy; they are an awesome opportunity to explore deep conditioning and develop a more expansive approach to yourself and your life.’

Participating in these private sessions is an enjoyable way to deepen your study of yourself and your journey through the many stages of life, and to engage the deeper and often untapped inner aspects of yourself.


‘Inner Fitness’

Self-Healing Strategies for Inner Peace

An amazing eight-session, online program exploring ways to find inner stillness and a sense of deep peace.  This short series is a powerful excursion into the self-healing arts and strategies that bring peace and confidence into your daily life.

‘This program connects self-acceptance, mindfulness and a meditative self-view with the rest of your life, bringing a deep sense of inner peace and calm to how you can live your life and share it consciously with the others on your journey.’


Content Includes:

  • Mindset – exploring your inner ‘world view’
  • Self-Acceptance – surrendering the inner battle
  • Mindfulness – developing a focus on stillness
  • Self-Love – embracing all that you are
  • Visualisation – seeing to believing to becoming
  • Relaxation – letting go and ‘being’ present

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‘Navigating Loss, Grief and Sadness’

 Journeying Through the Darkness of Loss

This beautiful series is for anyone who is struggling to come to terms with the loss and grief of a traumatic situation, or for those wanting to better support someone around them who is moving through a loss, and for anyone who wants to explore these deep emotional states for their own development.   This is a powerful journey through the psychological and spiritual backdrop of some of the darkest emotional states we move through during our lives and the search for the meaning and peace that arrives at the integration of them.

The Content Includes …

  • The Psychology of Your ‘Deep’ Emotions
  • Self-Awareness – Keys to Understand Process
  • Self-Management – Learning to Let Go
  • Understanding Loss and Grief
  • The Physical/Emotional Impact of Trauma
  • Techniques for Relief and Integration
  • Journeying the Inner Darkness
  • Finding the Balance in Life

This program is a deep learning journey into some of the most challenging emotional ‘transits’ we face in our lifetime.  It offers relief for those already in a crisis and great tools for those who want to be prepared for these times when they do come.

Conducted over 12 sessions, using a vartiety of tools and downloadable items, this program will transform the way you view and process the ‘darker’ aspects of your life journey.

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More About Susie Walker

Susie began her teaching life in the large, open-plan lounge room of her home in the beautiful, bush hills surrounding the city of Melbourne. At first, she worked with small groups of her coaching and counselling clients, offering small intensives on a variety of her teachings and then later to broader groups who had heard of her work.

In these early years, Susie focused much of her work in relationship, grief and trauma counselling, as well as intensive individual coaching sessions, offering skills for greater self-awareness, self-management and personal change. She also conducted live-in, training intensives on a regular basis to train other trainers, therapists and enthusiasts in breath work, body work, movement yoga, spiritual disciplines, psychotherapy, NLP and dynamic feedback techniques.

‘Your empowerment and expansion as a conscious individual is the most important activity you will ever engage in; it will determine how you approach your life and the resultant levels of meaningful success and happiness, you are able to achieve.’