The Pathway to Authentic Leadership

If you’ve done lots of leadership programs but still don’t have all the answers; you know you can still be a better version of yourself but can’t find the key steps that bring it all together, then you’re looking for the kind of training that covers more than exploring just the surface intellectual skills.

You’re looking for access to the innate wisdom that is your ‘Inner Leader’; the part of you that can stand apart when necessary, choose an unpopular course of action that you know is right and which has the compassion, courage and strength, to stand up for and deliver what is best for everyone in your care.

‘What you are today is the culmination of all your life experiences, how you have responded to them and then organised your way of being in the world.  Many parts of you work well and support good function and others, long suppressed or not yet opened, are waiting to be released.

Self-leadership is where it all starts.  Leadership is a role that each of us will undertake; it will come to us in life in one form or another and when it comes, we are either ready for it and we take those that follow to somewhere better, or not.  Our followers will be at work, at home and in our communities, and each one of them will be powerfully impacted by the quality of what we do.  Leaders who can be themselves with courage, strength and compassion, find deeper reserves of integrity, authenticity and presence, even when they’re challenged.

Working to free yourself from the barriers you hold to your own empowerment is the most critical leadership development work; you may be able to hold your own in the boardroom and direct traffic at the critical junctures of your working days, but if you cannot build a great culture at home and at work and lead your people into the new frontiers of family and business life today, you are playing an old game.

‘To engage your innate talent and use courage as your natural way of operating in the world, is the journey to leadership; it is a process of self-empowerment and self-development.’

The program is conducted in a series of short, high-impact training sessions, individual coaching intensives and a variety of other key activities that make it unique in its approach.  The course is a combination of ‘live’ and online formats, and is designed to allow time for integration and understanding to develop in all participants.  Allowing this time to learn and practice the skills and behaviours and then to ask questions, get feedback and make adjustments, is a critical factor in the success of the program.

‘Leadership is a powerful and very personal journey into the core of your Being, to find the inner passion that enables you to guide others to take the same expedition. It is not a shared process; it is the search for independence that will see you stand out from the crowd, stand up for what you know to be true and stand alone to make an important point or inspire great change if necessary.’


To enquire about how the ‘Lead Yourself First’ leadership program can bring exponential development to your leaders and your company culture, contact Susie Walker.