These coaching sessions are for individuals wanting to refocus or realign their approach to life and impact their outcomes, effectivelyassimilate traumatic life experiences or fast-track their personal development.  The work is focused on engaging in an open dialogue to uncover and explore your personal ‘model of the world’, the beliefs and behaviours that have been part of your repertoire for a long time and the parts of these you would like to upgrade or change.

Often, some personal attention with a professional coach is the fast-track to getting your life moving in the right direction and on-track for better outcomes. It can also bring great relief and solutions to deep seated, long-term problems that have been insurmountable until now.

‘One on one session work puts your foot on the accelerator and enables new levels of inspiration, expansion and deep healing; it is often the key that unlocks the doorway to a whole new life’.

To make a booking or further enquiries about Performance Coaching or Personal Development Sessions contact Susie:
(Sessions can be conducted on Skype or at Susie’s offices).


phone: 0414 456 920

What People Say

‘Susie Walker was the light in the dark tunnel of my life.  Family tragedies left me ill-equipped to face the world.  I didn’t know what I wanted in my life and I couldn’t make decisions.  One on one with Susie helped me enormously; finally, I began to feel empowered and to think for myself.  I then attended private group classes with her; they were phenomenal and actually fun.  Deep learnings and truths enabled me to see the world in an entirely different way. 
Susie is inspirational; she connects with your mind, your heart and your spirit and with that, you really begin to know and love yourself.  I went on to gain a Grad. Dip. in Loss & Grief Education & Counselling.’

Counsellor – North Melbourne

‘I didn’t think I’d be walking away with so many skills that I can so easily apply to both my work and my private life.  And the real bonus, – they work!  There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not applying a technique you have taught me.  I am so appreciative.’

                                                                                                                                                                Freelance Entrepreneur – Brisbane

‘Susie, I’ve really enjoyed learning about the things I’ve always found to be a challenge; you have presented them in a way that is compassionate, not demeaning.  I finally understand how I have sabotaged myself and my relationships – resulting in amazing changes that I never thought were possible.  This information is very empowering and very freeing.’

Artistic Director – Melbourne