A Program for Women Committed to Real Development

Mastering the art of self-empowerment is the key to feeling great about yourself, your life and everything you contribute to it. If you know you can be better at being you; more confident, more assertive, more skilled to deal with the challenges that life throws at you, and better equipped to ride the wave of phenomenal change that is our world today, then this program is for you.

For individuals who know they want to make a difference by being the difference in their own lives and influencing others from there, this program is designed to give you what you need to immerse yourself in the journey of your life; the journey to authentic self-leadership.

‘Self-mastery is the doorway to becoming who you really are and when you know how to use your mind to make powerful, personal change and release your limiting patterns of thinking and acting, you are free to be authentically your ‘best’ self’.

Leadership is a role that each of us will undertake; it will come to us in life in one form or another, and when it comes, we are either ready for it, and we take those who follow to somewhere better, or not. Our followers will be at work, at home and in our community, and each one of them will be powerfully impacted by the quality of what we do.

‘The quality and depth of your own development is the gift you continually give to the other people in your life’ 

The innate talent and capabilities that you hold as ‘who you are’, cannot be of value to others if you don’t yet have the personal power to put yourself in the front line, whether that is at work, in your family or on a more public platform. Your move toward your own empowerment is the most critical journey you will ever take; it is a journey toward authenticity, inner strength and self-love, and if you don’t take it, you lose the very meaning of your life as an individual, and therefore you cannot contribute the ‘motherlode’ of your purpose in the world.

Content Includes:

  • Understanding the cycles of limitation and how to break free of what is holding you back including behavioural ‘patterning’, emotional reactions and the habitual mental processing that keeps you powerless
  • Exploring and identifying the unique talents and qualities you possess that make you who you are and how to increase the impact they have on others
  • Learning the fundamentals for confidence, self-belief, self-image and assertiveness to magnify self-love and your ability to have great relationships with others
  • Understanding emotions and how to master their influence on your life, your relationships and your ongoing ‘state of being’
  • Learning about your ‘inner leader’ and how she connects with your Higher Self and your results in life
  • Increasing your inner strength and personal empowerment via self-awareness and self-management processes

‘The role of women in our world today is rapidly changing as women step up and step out into a bigger arena to make the difference that only they can make. Their role is a potent and sacred task handed down over generations, and there is an urgency now for this work to be ‘live’ everywhere in life; in our families, our workplaces and our local and international communities.’

Identifying, Harnessing and Expressing the power of who you really are …

Content Includes

  •  The Self-Leadership Model
  •  Personal Power and Independence
  •  Assertiveness and Self-Confidence
  •  Self-Image and Believing in Yourself
  •  Emotional Mastery and Intelligence
  •  Mental Mastery and Balance
  •  Inner Strength and Empowerment
  •  Keys to Great Relationships
  • Connecting with the Powerhouse that is your Higher-Self

‘A woman who is balanced, in the way she uses her feminine and masculine energies and asserts her leadership capability, is a true and transformative force in the world, and we need a lot more of them’.

Carrying the feminine energies at this time in history is an honour and a role that carries great responsibilities and greater potential to bring much needed change to our planet. Things are not changing any more; they have already changed, and the critical work now is the integration and nurturing of the new paradigms into our families, our workplaces, our communities and the world at large. It is a big task and one that can be done very well by every empowered woman.

Who is this Seminar For?

This is a seminar for women interested in learning how to be powerful, focused and assertive in the way they live, relate to others and lead those around them. If you have the responsibility of a family, you are a leader in your workplace or are aspiring to be more effective wherever you are, this program is designed for you.


This program is a powerful and transformative personal journey for those committed to making real and lasting change.  The program will use the following methodology:

  • A private, online questionnaire to complete prior to the program to ensure content is aligned with your development needs
  • An online series of training sessions with Susie to learn the skills and information necessary for personal change
  • Use of a set of online pre-recorded video sessions, to access between the ‘live’ sessions to learn concepts and background information in preparation for each ‘live’ session.  These can be viewed anywhere, anytime for your convenience
  • The use of self-rating questionnaires and feedback sessions on the interpretation of your results
  • Interactive scenarios and activities to use to  practice the skills and behavioural adaptions throughout the program
  • Program handouts and information sheets to support the integration of the content
  • A downloadable program training note book for use during and after the program
  • Options to book private coaching sessions at a discounted rate with Susie during the course of the program to accelerate an individual’s development

This intensive program is designed to give you a clear understanding of your talents, capabilities and areas for development and then give you the skills and strategies to bring meaningful and sustainable change to every area of your life.

This program addresses the mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual aspects of being a woman, and no matter how much personal development work you have done, this seminar offers a unique view of change and a powerful opportunity to move toward becoming better and better versions of yourself.

The next dates and times for ‘The Empowered Woman’ will be released soon…