Susie has a unique and profound approach to her work and provides an open, expansive arena for individuals to source new ways of finding their inner authority and more resourceful ways to be in their workplace, their families and the world.  Much of her career has been spent working on targeted cultural initiatives across entire organisations.  She has also conducted thousands of hours of professional development and performance coaching sessions as well as small group and team building intensives to empower leaders at all levels of a business.

To date, Susie has concentrated her work in corporate business on long-term, cultural change projects empowering executive management groups, team leaders and work teams across organisations.  She is now teaching business leaders about how to empower their own people and develop their workplace culture by driving internal change and sustaining their progress long-term.

Some of the organisations who have engaged Susie Walker 

  • Novotel Twin Waters Resort Queensland
  • The Regent Hotel Melbourne
  • Solaris Power Melbourne
  • Box Hill Institute of TAFE
  • RMIT School of Nursing
  • The Royal Women’s Hospital
  • Westpac Bank Melbourne
  • Faulding Pharmaceuticals
  • Mayne Pharma
  • Sigma Pharmaceuticals
  • CSL Bioplasma
  • Victorian Energy Network Corporation
  • Martin Communications Melbourne
  • The Australian Chamber of Manufactures
  • Rockwell Automation Melbourne
  • Tru-line Engineering, Australia Pty Ltd
  • Contexx Pty Ltd
  • Contexx Engineering