Susie Walker is a skilled professional with more than 35 years experience across a variety of industries, specialising in cultural transformation, leadership capability, team development, and the acceleration of company-wide mindset shifts, to foster open communication, engaged innovation and proactive collaboration as company norms.  She has always worked on long-term, deep programs, to ensure impact and sustainability. She has been in private practice coaching and counselling individuals in her Deep Therapy method for 38 years.

Deep Therapy

The word ‘Deep’ means to extend far down from the surface; well inward, it is a deep, rich and intense experience.

Susie Walker’s ‘Deep Therapy’ method has developed out of many years of training, learning, teaching, coaching and counselling, following many years of study, practice and immersion in the following disciplines:  Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Therapeutic Patterning, Timeline Therapy, Psychotherapy, Breathwork, Stress & Crisis Work,  Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Philosophy, Archetypes, Mythology, Bodywork, Mind Body Therapy, Body Analysis, Meditation, Energy Meditation, and Esoteric studies.

The method is planned, systematic and tailored to each individual and their specific needs. It is a rich mix of the learnings from the many disciplines listed, and the practical use and development of them over nearly forty years in thousands of therapy hours, training intensives and live-in retreats. 


Susie began her teaching life in the large, open-plan living room of her home in the beautiful, bush hills surrounding the city of Melbourne. At first, she worked with groups of her coaching and counselling clients, offering deep intensives on a variety of her teachings, and then later to broader groups who had heard about her work.

In these early years, Susie focused much of her work on in-depth individual coaching and counselling sessions, offering skills for greater self-awareness, self-management and personal change; specialising in the areas of depression, fear, grief and trauma. There was a great need in the people she worked with to find peace and relief from the overwhelming life experiences they had endured, but not integrated, and it became a passion to work deeply with them. She also conducted live-in training intensives on a regular basis to train other trainers, therapists and coaches in her Deep Therapy methodology.  

From there, Susie was invited to work in corporate business to help individuals and organisations to translate their business plans and strategies into practical, everyday activities that would ensure successful outcomes. What she found when she entered the corporate arena, was the same need to work deeply with people, to help them to find balance in their lives  and to enable the  transformative outcomes she was able to achieve in business cultures. She has applied her Deep therapy methodology wherever she has worked. 

Corporate Business

To date, Susie has concentrated her work in corporate business on long-term, cultural change projects, empowering executive management groups, team leaders and work teams across whole organisations. Her key focus has been on creating an environment to enable cultural transformation, through leadership development and the acceleration of company-wide mindset shifts to foster open communication, engaged innovation and proactive collaboration as company norms.  She facilitates this using a clever combination of one-on-one interactions, leadership intensives, classroom and online training sessions and accelerated change workshops. 

Susie offers a unique service to business leaders and organisations who are searching for an innovative, cutting-edge process that will bring tangible and lasting results.

Susie Walker brings to a project

  • Extensive experience in cultural change dynamics and the strategic application of cultural change programs
  • A commitment to quality and best practice, with a focus on aligning systems, procedures, and processes to suit a transforming business culture
  • Exceptional capability in the development of individuals in leadership roles at all levels of an organisation by way of individual profiling and deep coaching intensives
  • Wide-ranging expertise to influence resourceful behavioural change in leadership teams and work groups via cutting-edge communication workshops
  • Broad experience in training delivery in a variety of industries, with a reputation for innovation and excellence evidenced by a successful track record


  • Susie works specifically as an embedded resource on a long-term process, which creates the evolution of an organisation and embeds the development and learnings into a sustainable, company-wide culture.
  • Beginning with the executive team and working systematically across an entire organisation, team by team, department by department, Susie activates engagement and proactive collaboration and resolves people issues and team dysfunctions as she moves. 
  • Sometimes working with 30 or 40 teams simultaneously, she works to bring a ‘one-team’ mindset and facilitates connection and understanding between the teams and their various functions, company-wide. This produces an organisational focus where consistency, alignment, collaboration and professionalism are norms and employees are proud to be a valued part of the business.

Some of Susie Walker’s Clients have been:

  • Novotel Twin Waters, Maroochydore, Qld   
  • The Regent Hotel, Melbourne
  • Solaris Power Melbourne 
  • Australia Post, Melbourne       
  • Box Hill Institute of TAFE   
  • RMIT School of Nursing           
  • The Royal Women’s Hospital             
  • Westpac Bank, Melbourne
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers, Melbourne
  • Faulding Pharmaceuticals, Melbourne
  • Mayne Pharma, Melbourne
  • Sigma Pharmaceuticals, Melbourne
  • CSL Bioplasma, Melbourne
  • ICI Chemicals & Plastics
  • Contexx Pty Ltd, Melbourne
  • Contexx Engineering, Melbourne
  • Victorian Energy Network Corporation
  • Tru-line Engineering, Australia Pty Ltd
  • Thomas Hancock & Sons, Melbourne
  • Martin Communications, Melbourne
  • The Australian Chamber of Manufactures
  • Nicholas Dattner & Company
  • The Australian Swim Instructors (AIS)
  • Rockwell Automation, Melbourne
  • Genetics Australia
  • Celgene Pty Ltd
  • Transit Pak Australia
  • Advent Security, Melbourne
  • Jordan Center for Pharmaceutical Research, Amman, Jordan
  • Dar Al Dawa, Development & Investment Co Ltd, Amman, Jordan
  • The Jordanian Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company, Amman, Jordan
  • HIKMA Pharmaceuticals Amman, Amman, Jordan