The Most Important Part of your Business 

Organisational culture is the environment your business goes to work in. It is the most important part of your business; it affects your bottom line, your productivity, your results, how your industry views you, the success of your marketing campaigns and whether you can attract and hold the best talent in your industry or not.

To develop a better culture, you must approach the development process in a systematic, disciplined and wholistic way; if you don’t, what you do will just become another bit of what already exists or worse, undo further what you had.  If you get the process right, your business will become an authentic leader in its industry and what you will see on a daily basis, can only be described as extraordinary.

The Cultural Transformation Process – the comprehensive, internal training process that will develop your best culture, no matter the size of your business nor the developmental stage of your culture.  This process simply takes your culture from where it is, through progressive steps to its ‘best self’.

‘Susie provided a tailored program, designed to develop self-awareness, improve team dynamics, encourage open communication between staff and management, establish a customer service orientation, and achieve a sustainable cultural change. She is very effective in team development, leadership, conflict resolution and mediation for individuals and larger groups. Based on my experience of working with Susie over many years as a behavioural change specialist, I would highly recommend her to other managers and organisations where there is a serious commitment to achieving cultural change as a basis for improved performance and where there is a need for the development of high-quality interpersonal workplace relationships.’  Dr Geraldine Elliott, Development & Portfolio Director, Faulding/Mayne Pharma, Australia 

Immersing your organisation in a process of this type, inspires extraordinary individual development, which in turn produces a company-wide approach to working, which is collaborative, innovative, professional and aligned; this is a platform for sustainable growth and remarkable business outcomes.

‘Using a unique methodology that fitted with our ongoing workload, she inspired us to value ourselves, our work and our business and to work with our subcontractors, suppliers and consultants in a way that made us all want to give our best. Susie brings a realisation that you already have a team and corporate culture; whether you think about it or not; so, by announcing exactly how you want to work together positively (through good times and those more challenging) and learning what you need to make it happen, your culture grows up and just keeps getting better.  I saw relationships flourish and prosper and a business become the best in its industry. Now several years later, and after a corporate merger, the culture embodied at CONTEXX is still spoken of fondly by former team members, subcontractors, consultant partners and suppliers alike. Those years were life-changing.’  Alexei Simm, Project Director, Probuild Pty Ltd