The Most Important Part of your Business

Organisational culture is the environment your business goes to work in. It is the most important part of your business; it affects your bottom line, your productivity, your results, how your industry views you, the success of your marketing campaigns and whether you can attract and hold the best talent in your industry or not.

To develop a better culture, you must approach the development process in a systematic, disciplined and wholistic way; if you don’t, what you do will just become another bit of what already exists or worse, undo further what you had.  If you get the process right, your business will become an authentic leader in its industry and what you will see on a daily basis, can only be described as extraordinary.

Transformation of a business culture is not something you can put on ‘the list’ and get done quickly; the change you want must be well targeted and work towards something that is an authentic reflection of your company’s ‘best self’, not an idea constructed in a boardroom to be handed down to your people.

Cultural Diagnostic

The cultural diagnostic is a series of open, interactive discussions, short presentations and enquiry tools, designed to explore the opportunities existing in your organisation for cultural and leadership development. This is a critical first step to understand the options for real and sustainable outcomes in your business.

  • Initially, using a strong, intuitive and rational approach, Susie will listen to your needs and aims, explore relevant industry parameters and the issues specific to your organisation, with the executive leaders.
  • She will then conduct a series of workshops and use specific enquiry tools to ascertain real needs and critical areas for improvement, and report back to the executive with results and options for the business

‘Our business became the best in the industry.  Susie inspired us to value ourselves, our work and our business and to work with our subcontractors, suppliers and consultants in a way that made us all want to give our best.’ Alexei Simm 

The Cultural Transformation Process 

This is a systematic, stepped process to grow your people and adjust the way they interact, deliver and collaborate together. It is a combination of both ‘live’ and online training intensives, coupled with individual coaching sessions, staff development workshops and some inter-departmental brainstorming sessions.  This is a company-wide immersion in a new way of collaborating to build a ‘one team’ mindset, to solve your business challenges and inspire your people to deliver like they never have before.  This creates a business that will attract and hold the best talent in your industry and be well known for its culture.

This four- stage process, engages executive and senior leaders first and equips them with the skills and information to effectively drive the process, then, when they are ready, it can be rolled across the entire organisation in a series of staff workshops.

Immersing your organisation in a process of this type inspires extraordinary individual development, which in turn produces a company-wide approach to working, that is collaborative, innovative, professional and aligned; this is a platform for sustainable growth and remarkable business outcomes.

This program is tailored specifically to your organisational vision, values and current cultural maturity and begins with a comprehensive diagnostic to map the implementation process.  ‘The Cultural Transformation Process’ – the comprehensive, internal training process that will develop your best culture, no matter the size of your business nor the developmental stage of your culture.  This process simply takes your culture from where it is, through progressive steps to its ‘best self’.

Typically, following this type of cultural process, there are synergistic outcomes that include:

  • A workplace filled with individuals, competent in their interpersonal skills and passionate to support the development of those around them
  • Staff who maintain their own work/life balance and are happy to come to work because they feel valued and inspired
  • An empowered leadership mindset at every level of the organisation which enables responsibility and accountability at every level
  • Observable pride and a proactive, professional attitude in employees who feel privileged to be part of the business


‘She was why our culture was so memorable!  Susie is driven, focused and has the capability to bring real and lasting change to a business. I personally appreciated her strategic cultural input, her wisdom and work ethic; she was a proactive, professional, and intelligent working partner.’ Simon Gray

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To request a conversation with Susie Walker about your organisational needs, find her details on the contact page on this website.