The Most Important Part of Your Business

Organisational culture is the environment your business goes to work in.  It is created by the people in your business, not by the owners or leaders of your business.  Simply put, it can be described as ‘the way we do things around here’, and every time someone new arrives in your business, the existing culture influences them to join it and become a part of what it is.  Your culture has been developing since the inception of your business and it is an expression of the impact of everything that has happened to it.

Your culture is the most important part of your business; it affects your bottom line, your productivity, your results, how your industry views you, the success of your marketing campaigns and whether you can attract and hold the best talent your industry or not.

To develop a better culture, you must approach the development process in a systematic, disciplined and wholistic way; if you don’t, what you do will just become another bit of what already exists or worse, undo further what you had.  If you get the process right, your business will become an authentic leader in its industry and what you will see on a daily basis, can only be described as extraordinary.

Transformation of a business culture is not something you can put on ‘the list’ and get done quickly; the change you want must be well targeted and work towards something that is an authentic reflection of your company’s ‘best self’, not an idea constructed in a boardroom to be handed down to your people.

The traditional ‘command and control’ methodology is still very prevalent in corporate business, despite a growing demand for a more collaborative approach where leaders, managers and their teams have the empowerment to decide and execute their decisions.  The expanding digital impact and new business practices designed to encourage collaboration and to harness the intelligence and the commitment of everyone, have struggled, and recent studies suggest most organisations revert to their old ways quite quickly.

‘A high-impact, company-wide development process that is as meaningful to each individual as it is to the whole culture, brings longevity and is sustainable, because people take the learning home with them and use it everywhere in their lives.  It is an integrated process, permeating all levels of the business, the work teams and family teams of your people.  This is what builds great culture.

Susie Walker specialises in sustainable cultural development and people empowerment. She provides a suite of specific ‘live’ and online programs, tailored to your organisational needs, designed to bring genuine capability to your leaders, proactive teamwork and collaborative relationships to your workplace and a vibrant and transparent company culture into your business.

Typically, following this type of cultural process, there are synergistic outcomes that include:

  • A workplace filled with individuals, competent in their interpersonal skills and passionate to support the development of those around them
  • Staff who maintain their own work/life balance and are happy to come to work because they feel valued and inspired
  • An empowered leadership mindset at every level of the organisation which enables responsibility and accountability at every level
  • A business that attracts and holds the best people in your industry
  • Observable pride and a proactive, professional attitude in employees who feel privileged to be part of the business

‘These programs are powerful, experiential and meaningful; they will strongly impact how your people work together in the future and produce a company culture that is sophisticated, innovative, aligned and cohesive, and a clear demonstration to other businesses of what is possible.’

What people say

Susie Walker worked with the leadership team and then the entire culture at Contexx, from the end of our first year, right through to our metamorphosis in 2012 into the Probuild business.  She was the reason our culture was so memorable and became known in the industry as industry leading. 

Susie took a group of people from a variety of industry companies and turned them into a professional, aligned and consistent team, willing to go the extra mile and work with a ‘one-team’ approach with each other, subcontractors, suppliers and consultants across the industry.

She worked as the ‘Company Coach’ and her skills and guidance were valued at every level of the business, even with our union partners. Our teams were happy to work with Susie after hours when necessary, and she integrated her programs with our business systems and guidelines, so everything we did with our culture became a permanent part of our thinking and actions as we grew the business. 

Susie is a driven and focused individual who has the capability to bring real and lasting change to an organisation.  If you are serious about renovating your culture to create a working environment which truly reflects your vision, values and people, then I highly recommend Susie Walker to you and your organisation.’

Simon Gray, Group Managing Director, Probuild (Australia) Pty Ltd
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‘I have known Susie Walker, since early 2000 and she has worked as an external training and development consultant for Mayne Pharma for almost 7 years, conducting a company-wide program series, combining a broad range of development processes.  These included skills for team development, communication and meeting skills, conflict resolution, presentation and leadership; in addition, the management group was involved in an ongoing leadership development program.  Our relationship since that time has grown from a variety of professional interactions, based on the breadth of her program and our training and management needs.  I value her opinions and advice in all areas of people management.  

Susie is a vibrant and challenging trainer.  Her experience is extensive, based on a range of company types and styles, yet the training and principles work in each situation.   She has been able to successfully work with widely different groups at Mayne, from the post-doctoral development chemists and regulatory staff to the factory floor.  Not only is she able to communicate effectively with all levels of the company – but she is able to teach and train at these different levels.  She is flexible, but with an honesty, transparency and integrity that you know proves her own training.’

Dr Jennifer Svec , Regulatory & Medical Affairs Director , Mayne Pharma – Australia
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‘When we implemented the program, the benefits were immediate and exceptionally positive!  Staff members became better equipped to adapt to a rapidly changing environment, communicate more effectively with each other and our clients, to work more collaboratively and cooperatively as a team and to perform to their maximum capacity.  Productivity has increased, and our credibility has grown two-fold as a result.  Susie’s presentation style is powerful and unique; she has the special ability to induce constructive, permanent and positive change in all who participate.’

Dianne Baxter, Department Head, Box Hill TAFE -Victoria


Susie’s commitment to long-term sustainable results, achieves very effective outcomes, with the advantage of close cooperation with managers to address specific staff issues, particularly persistent ones. She is an experienced professional, able to quickly build rapport with staff at all levels, and to win their trust and confidence, such that they are able to achieve a much higher level of self-development than through typical short, fact-based courses. She is very effective in team development, leadership, conflict resolution and mediation for individuals and larger groups. Based on my experience of working with Susie over many years as a behavioural change specialist, I would highly recommend her to other managers and organisations where there is a serious commitment to achieving cultural change as a basis for improved performance and where there is a need for the development of high quality interpersonal workplace relationships.’

  Dr Geraldine Elliott, Development & Portfolio Director, Faulding/Mayne Pharma, Australia
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