Programs for individuals wanting to work on specific aspects of their development.     

These ‘intensive’ programs consist a series of online training sessions, which include a variety of skills and information, guided contemplations, mindfulness activities, meditations, and other types of self-examination and interventive processes, all designed to accelerate your personal development in a variety of areas and in some of the more esoteric areas of personal growth.

Conducted in a well-designed, well-targeted format to ensure focus, deep learning and understanding, these sessions are a comprehensive exploration into some of the foundational aspects of being a person.  Some of these programs are online webinars and others a mix of ‘live’ online sessions mixed with some pre-recorded lessons and workbook activities.

Participating in these courses is an enjoyable way to deepen your study of yourself and your journey through the many stages of life. They will enable you to engage the deeper and often untapped inner aspects of yourself.  They are a concentrated dive into your personal psychology and philosophy; they are an awesome opportunity to explore deep conditioning and develop a more expansive approach to yourself and your life.

‘Susie’s passion and commitment to her work are evidence of the 110% she puts into everything she does. She cares deeply about each person’s story and about helping them to find a better way to live their life.  Working with Susie has changed my life significantly.’ GF – South Yarra, Victoria. Australia 


Inner Fitness 

Self-Healing Strategies for Inner Peace

This program is an opportunity to find a deeper levels of inner peace and fulfilment, and to learn the fundamentals for continuing your practice at home.  A mix of meditations, mindfulness, visualizations and experiential relaxations, this course promises something different to inspire a deeper connection to your inner self.

‘This course is a treasure trove of fascinating information and skills to improve your life. Susie is an amazing person who can convey these ideas to her students in a most enlightening and enjoyable fashion.’ RB – Briar Hill, Victoria. Australia

The Self-Love Journey 

A Pathway to Finding the Heart of Yourself

Self-Love is  loving yourself at a cellular level; having a very high regard for yourself and your own wellbeing, which remains intact regardless of the environment.  Once you integrate and can ‘live’ this level of unconditional love for yourself, you are then able to have healthy loving relationships with others where you feel empowered and allow others to do the same. This program begins a journey of self-discovery into who you are, how you got here and how you can balance the ongoing internal battle between the head and the heart; this work will transform how you treat yourself and how you allow others to treat you.

‘This course is powerfully empowering and enlightening; I would like to thank Susie for her clear guidance and allowing me to address my emotions; I feel I am a much better person for it.’ LD – Lower Plenty, Victoria. Australia

Navigating Loss and Grief 

The Journey of Losing Loved Ones and other Precious Things, and Finding Yourself Again

The death of something in our lives is the one thing we can never negotiate; we don’t get a second chance; it’s over. Travelling through a time of great loss and the grief which follows, is one of the most powerful journeys we take in our lives. When we stand up again afterwards and recognise what we have transversed and who we have become as a result of it, we can finally appreciate the purpose of this great path.

‘What a journey I have been on; I can only thank God for sending you to me. I don’t know what I would have done without you. Your teachings and guidance have been amazing and so profound, so spot-on and so transforming. What a gift and inspiration you have given me.’  Adele Elliott, London UK