A Pathway to Real Leadership

Today’s great leaders are competent influencers, confident communicators and individuals who have the capacity to adapt and correct under pressure, inspire others with a vision and it’s connecting values, and effectively take people on a journey to a destination which is relevant in today’s world. Most leaders understand the cognitive aspects of leadership, but leaders have a far greater impact when they can use more than just their intellect. Leaders who can ‘be’ themselves with courage, strength and compassion, find deeper reserves of integrity, authenticity and presence, even when they’re challenged.

Great leadership is essentially ‘an internal process’; it rests on self-awareness and self-management; it encompasses personal consistency, effectively engaging others, being an inspirational role model, inviting change and demonstrating resilience in an increasingly turbulent organisational world. These leaders are rare; they are the people who bring sustainable and memorable change wherever they go, and within an organisation, can propel it and its people toward remarkable outcomes.


1. Executive Coaching Sessions

A comprehensive journey for executive and senior leaders as they navigate a rapidly changing world to inspire, motivate, and grow the organisation and themselves; a process which spans professional, personal, interpersonal and business needs.

‘Susie is driven, focused and has the capability to bring real and lasting change. I personally appreciated her strategic cultural input, her wisdom and work ethic; she was a proactive, professional, and intelligent working partner.’ Simon Gray, Managing Director, Contexx Pty Ltd. Melbourne. Australia

2. Leadership Coaching Sessions

Leadership coaching sessions for leadership positions at every level of an organisation, designed to accelerate leadership capability, empowerment and competence.  These sessions are designed to address performance issues, prepare and mature individuals to lead with more assertiveness and to equip them with the skills and information necessary for effective leadership.  

‘Through facilitation and training from Susie Walker, I witnessed and was part of a huge cultural shift within a commercial construction business; to see the transformation of individuals, site-teams, and the development of an amazing culture, truly was incredible. I had never seen anything like this training and haven’t since. It was the most enjoyable time in my career and redefined my vocabulary, approach, and interaction with others, both at home and at work, all for the better.’  Greig Kearney, Senior Contract Administrator, Contexx Pty Ltd – Melbourne