Individual session work with Susie Walker is an opportunity to refocus and accelerate your personal and professional development.  She is an experienced, interventive ‘change agent’ with the skills, the courage and the genuine empowerment to accelerate your personal evolution.  She has conducted many thousands of hours of session work and helped individuals with a range of developmental opportunities and issues including:

  • Cultivating leadership capability
  • Accelerating self-awareness and self-management
  • Addressing emotional imbalances
  • Relationship repair and realignment
  • Personal empowerment and independence
  • Stress and crisis management

Offering the opportunity for accelerated personal and professional development; ‘Performance Coaching Sessions’ are designed to:

  • Accelerate self-awareness and self-management
  • Cultivate leadership capability
  • Address emotional imbalances/reactions
  • Improve relationship/partnering competencies

Taking time out of your busy working schedule to immerse yourself in a conscious dialogue with a professional coach like Susie Walker, will bring realignment, clarity and new levels of self-awareness to your personal life and career ambitions.



These sessions are for senior and executive leaders, who are serious about their professional development and the impact they have on the people around them, both at work and at home.  The work is focused on realigning the imbalances and inherent stresses associated with leadership at the highest levels, as well as deepening awareness of the temperament traits, characteristic of the driven and ambitious personalities, most often found at the top of business structures.

This coaching process is a coherent model with a systematic methodology, utilising supportive challenge, self-examination, a lively discussion of what you do well, what gets in your way and the exploration of practical and authentic solutions.  The intention is to expand your awareness, to create clear alignment with your ‘inner leader’ and increase your capacity to influence those around you to do and be their best.

‘My coaching style is interactive and interventive; I am not passive in my approach. I am driven by solutions, actions and results, but your outcomes must be sustainable, integrated and effective for you and the environments you operate in.’

Taking time out of your busy working schedule to immerse yourself in a conscious dialogue with a professional coach like Susie Walker, will bring realignment, clarity and new levels of self-awareness to your personal life and career ambitions.

‘These sessions are an investment in your personal and professional development goals; in reaching your career destinations with your family and workplace relationships intact, and your workplace peers valuing your input and the legacy you are leaving behind.’

What professionals say about Susie

‘Having private performance coaching with Susie Walker has been the single most important part of my personal development. It has been transformative to say the least and I take everything I have learned through her unique methodology into my daily life at home and at work; I am more relaxed and focused and my ability to engage with others is the best it’s ever been.  No other training, coaching or counselling I have received, has had anything like the impact my work with Susie has had.’  Senior Manager – Melb.

‘I worked with Susie in the lead up years and during the height of my sporting career in boxing. She helped me in all areas of my life to refine my thinking, understand my emotions and change unwanted behaviour. I became the top sales executive in the company I was working in and became a boxing champion, representing Australia nine times.  Susie was great to work with and knew exactly how to get the best out of me.  I will always be indebted to her for her brilliant work.’  Australian Boxing Champion – Melb.

‘Susie, I’d like to acknowledge your input into my journey to leadership since you first kick started my self-awareness.   Recognising my responsibility in all my results, was both eye-opening and empowering.  I have gone from strength to strength in my career and I know my point of difference is that I make a real difference now.  Thank you.’    CEO – Sunshine Coast                                                                                    

‘Susie is always very professional in her approach; her success is simply a result of how she conducts herself and how she applies her knowledge and experience; she commands a great deal of respect.’   Company Director – South Melb.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


These coaching sessions are for individuals wanting to refocus or realign their approach to life and impact their outcomes, effectively assimilate traumatic life experiences or fast-track their personal development.  The work is focused on engaging in an open dialogue to uncover and explore your personal ‘model of the world’, the beliefs and behaviours that have been part of your repertoire for a long time and the parts of these you would like to upgrade or change.

Often, some personal attention with a professional coach is the fast-track to getting your life moving in the right direction and on-track for better outcomes. It can also bring great relief and solutions to deep seated, long-term problems that have been insurmountable until now.

‘One on one session work puts your foot on the accelerator and enables new levels of inspiration, expansion and deep healing; it is often the key that unlocks the doorway to a whole new life’.

What people say about Susie

‘Susie Walker was the light in the dark tunnel of my life.  Family tragedies left me ill-equipped to face the world.  I didn’t know what I wanted in my life and I couldn’t make decisions.  One on one with Susie helped me enormously; finally, I began to feel empowered and to think for myself.  I then attended private group classes with her; they were phenomenal and actually fun.  Deep learnings and truths enabled me to see the world in an entirely different way.  Susie is inspirational; she connects with your mind, your heart and your spirit and with that, you really begin to know and love yourself.  I went on to gain a Grad. Dip. in Loss & Grief Education & Counselling.’  

Counsellor – North Melbourne

‘I didn’t think I’d be walking away with so many skills that I can so easily apply to both my work and my private life.  And the real bonus, – they work!  There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not applying a technique you have taught me.  I am so appreciative.’        

Freelance Entrepreneur – Brisbane