Individual session work with Susie Walker is an opportunity to refocus, heal and work deeply on your personal and/or professional development.  Susie is an intuitive, interventive change agent with the skills, the courage, and the personal empowerment to facilitate your personal evolution.  She has conducted many thousands of hours of session work with individuals from all walks of life, and helped individuals with a range of healing and developmental issues including:

  • Personal empowerment and independence
  • Trauma and crisis integration and healing
  • Accelerating self-awareness and self-management
  • Addressing emotional imbalances and overwhelm
  • Cultivating leadership capability
  • Relationship repair and realignment

‘My coaching style is interactive and deep, and I am driven by solutions, actions, and results; I work to ensure that what you learn is both effective and sustainable. My approach is warm, caring, intuitive, and with a clear focus on achieving resourceful outcomes.’

The Deep Therapy Process

Long-term therapy to clear current issues and persistent problems, where good function is hindered and  limiting mental, emotional, and psychological states are present. There are four stages to the Deep Therapy process which are carefully designed to open up unresolved historical events via a mix of disciplines, to assess the impact of these events and then use a safe and systematic methodology to embed resourceful, well-targeted and sustainable changes. The integration process is the key to the success of this process; once this is operational, then the person feels new levels of freedom and peace. Can also be used for accelerated personal development.

Deep Therapy


Relationship Coaching Process

For couples where both people can attend individual sessions and partner sessions.  Work is targeted to address specific needs and repair all types of relationship issues. This is a program for all couples and partners (including business partnerships) and it is designed to transform and heal the things that keep people separate and unhappy in some of their most important life connections.

Relationship Coaching

‘Susie helped me in all areas of my life to refine my thinking, understand my emotions and change unwanted behaviour. She was great to work with and knew exactly how to get the best out of me. I will always be indebted to her for her brilliant work.’ Sean Connell

Leadership Coaching

Leadership is a role that each of us will undertake; it will come to us in life in one form or another and when it comes, we are either ready for it and we take those that follow to somewhere better, or not.  Our followers will be at work, at home and in our communities, and each one of them will be powerfully impacted by the quality of what we do. 


‘I take everything I’ve learned from Susie’s unique methodology into my daily life at home and at work; I am more relaxed and focused and my ability to engage with others is the best it’s ever been. No other training, coaching, or counselling I have received, has had anything like the impact my work with Susie has had.’ Greig Kearney