Methodology – Deep Therapy

Susie Walker’s Deep Therapy Method has developed out of many years of training, learning, teaching, coaching and counselling, following many years of study, practice and immersion in the following disciplines:  Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Therapeutic Patterning, Timeline Therapy, Relationship Counselling, Psychotherapy, Breathwork, Stress & Crisis Work,  Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Philosophy, Bodywork, Mind Body Therapy, Body Analysis, Meditation, Energy Meditation, and Esoteric studies.  The method is planned, rational and systematic; it is tailored to each individual and their specific needs. It is a rich mix of the learnings from the many disciplines listed, and the practical use and development of them over nearly forty years in thousands of therapy and coaching hours, training intensives and live-in retreats. It is an holistic approach to body, mind and spiritual healing.


1. Deep Therapy Sessions

Long-term, individual therapy sessions to clear current issues, persistent problems and traumas, where good function is hindered and limiting mental, emotional and psychological states are present.

‘Having private performance coaching with Susie has been the single most important part of my personal development. It has been transformative to say the least and I take everything I have learned through her unique methodology into my daily life at home and at work; I am more relaxed and focused and my ability to engage with others is the best it’s ever been. No other training, coaching, or counselling I have received, has had anything like the impact my work with Susie has had.’ Greig Kearney, Melbourne. Australia 

‘Susie Walker was the light in the dark tunnel of my life. Family tragedies left me ill-equipped to face the world. I didn’t know what I wanted in my life, and I couldn’t make decisions. One on one with Susie helped me enormously; finally, I began to feel empowered and to think for myself. Susie is inspirational; she connects with your mind, your heart, and your spirit and with that, you really begin to know and love yourself. I went on to gain a Grad. Dip. in Loss & Grief Education & Counselling.’  Lyn Vago, Counsellor, Melbourne. Australia 

2. Relationship Solutions Program

For couples where both people can attend individual sessions and partner sessions.  Work is targeted to address specific needs and repair all types of relationship issues.

‘We worked with Susie to resolve the ongoing issues which kept us apart and left us feeling alone, angry and hurt for a lot of the time in our relationship.  She taught us how to relate to each other and to understand and accept our differences. This enabled us to repair the damage we had done to each other and begin a more caring, ‘love-based’ life together. Susie was great to work with; she was patient and understanding and she didn’t let either of us get away with anything.’  Dave & Stella. Norwich, UK 

‘Susie, we’ve really enjoyed learning about the things we have always found to be a challenge; you have presented them in a way that is compassionate, not demeaning. We felt really supported throughout and finally understand how we had sabotaged our relationship; resulting in amazing changes that we never thought were possible. This information is very empowering and very freeing.’ Mel and Harry – Melbourne, Australia