Why is Being an Empowered Woman So Important?

So how can we define the word ‘empowerment’? The dictionary defines empowerment as the ‘authority or power given to someone to do something.’ But I don’t mean the empowerment that is given to you as if it is a permission. I mean the kind of empowerment you give to yourself, when you take responsibility for the fact, that you are indeed in charge of your own life.

‘Real empowerment is a deep sense of knowing what the best/right thing is to do and having the capability to achieve it.’

When individuals have this understanding and confidence in themselves, they become a shining light for others to follow. They also, by demonstration of their own strength, teach others to seek and find these qualities in themselves. This is the kind of activity that will transform a family culture, a local community, a workplace and eventually, the world stage.

Some people think that if you’re empowered, then you never put a foot wrong. I believe we are here with an opportunity to move toward our ‘best self’, not to be perfect before we do anything, and making mistakes on the road to empowerment, is a sure way to monitor progress realistically; there’s nothing like a blunder to wake you up to just how far you can get from your ‘best self’.

‘We are all on this journey to our own empowerment.’

It takes time and careful refining once you’re in the ballpark, to make a sizeable dent in your progress, because personal empowerment, like most other experiential development, is a process, not a task. In other words, it happens over time and you need to pay attention.

Working toward your own empowerment is vitally important if you want to achieve some key milestones during your lifetime. Things like the ability to:

  •   become an authentic leader
  •   bring important change to your ‘part’ of the world
  •   be a great and memorable example to others
  •   find your own ‘best self’
  •   help others to find their own greatness …. and many other things.

As a global and local community, we have some serious challenges facing us now, that if not checked and changed, will destroy the fabric of our communities everywhere, and become irreversible if we do not address them quickly.

Things like domestic violence destroying our family cultures, high rates of depression and suicide devastating our communities and workplace bullying and harassment destroying our workplace cultures and the lives of those putting up with it.

So why is empowerment so important? 

The individual empowerment of every person is what will strengthen our communities and families, because that sense of ‘knowing what to do and how to get it done’ and how to ‘be your best self’ are the foundations for leadership; the kind of leadership we need in our homes and offices everywhere.

Empowerment is the embodiment of leadership, of responsibility and accountability and the behaviours that bring long-awaited change to everyone, like trust and respect, like compassion, care and understanding. And, we don’t just need leadership in our boardrooms, we need it at every level of our businesses and in every home in our country.

It’s vital to our future that we address this at the grass roots level and that we do the job properly, that we end up with individuals that will stand up, be willing to stand out and do the things they know need to be done.

I do acknowledge here, all those amazing leaders who have stepped up, and are living an empowered life, and making a conscious and influential difference in their homes and offices. But I do believe it will take a collaborative effort on the part of all of us for the World to really become the ‘paradise’ of its potential.

‘When we address this need through the empowerment of women and encourage them to make a difference, we invest in the long-term.’

We invest in the longevity of our communities; in the very foundations of our future, and when a woman is standing strong in her own courage and confidence, she is surely the very best companion to all those she partners with, to build her family, her community and her world.

This is a process of education, not just of the intellect, but of the body-mind. A process of ‘growing-up’ who we are as individuals and developing the courage and commitment to be and do better things.

The empowerment of women is about each of them overcoming the inheritance of former generations, who were bullied and beaten into submission, and finding new ways of being equal in their world. For women are our mothers, our daughters, our aunties and sisters, our partners and children. They play such important roles in our society. But they are also our leaders, our managers, our teachers and tradies, our nurses and doctors, our carers and coaches. All the roles that every woman plays are critical to so many important things. These things, when they are not present, create chaos and dysfunction everywhere.

It is not that they play these roles, it’s about how women play their roles.

‘Each woman plays so many different roles in her life and when she is empowered, she ignites an inner passion that transforms everything she touches into an improved version of itself.’

Barack Obama said: ‘When women succeed, nations are more safe, secure and prosperous.’

So, how can we continue to move toward our empowerment as women and make the kind of difference that only we can make? Firstly, we must grasp the concept that our natural state of being is ‘powerful beyond measure’, as Nelson Mandela so eloquently put it. To be independent and assertive, to be strong and resilient, to love without fear and live with passion, to be a good friend and a great mother, a loyal sister and a valued team member, and above all, to love ourselves.

But something gets in the way of this; something stops us from being who we really are, it is a chain around our neck and a sword in our side. It is a wounding so deep, we wrestle to survive it and we take it on and wear it like a suit of armour; we think it protects us, but all it does is hold us back and hide us from our better self. This is our self-imposed limit and our ‘special’ wounding from the past; our experiences of life that took the wind from our sails, clipped our spreading wings and broke our little hearts. Those things, that stopped us in our tracks, or wore us down with relentless impact, or found us in our later years, and wiped us out and broke us down.

But, all is not lost, this can be fixed; this can be solved and soothed; this can be transformed. For these woundings are gifts, opportunities and a new chance at finding your inner power, your inner leader and your better self.

So where is the map you say? How do I find this path? How do I take this journey? 

It is a process, it unfolds before you, it opens you up and makes you bigger in yourself, it shows you a purpose that is more than you, and teaches you the ‘commerce of connection’ with others, and the ways to lead and inspire those around you to seek and find their own greatness.

‘This process is prompted by learning to embrace your wounded child and heal her longing heart.’

It is moved by the stories of your sisters in life; the others around you seeking their own salvation from the bonds of their past. It is inspired by legend and myth and the symbols of the stages of the journey. It is strengthened by skill building and new understandings; the ‘mindset shifts’ to new levels of experience. It is empowered by disruption and the breaking down of your inner walls; the releasing of a goddess warrior, who waits inside you for her time to shine. It is a learning, a yearning, an education of your undeveloped self; it is the journey of your life.

There is a new you, emerging as we speak and hungry for the truth:

  •   She loves herself and believes in herself, no matter what
  •   She holds herself in high regard
  •   She is strong and independent
  •   She forgives and ‘corrects’ at will
  •   She knows her rights and runs her own life
  •   She is determined and confident
  •   She embraces opposites and the dual nature of life
  •   She challenges the status quo and is willing to stand apart
  •   She is powerful, without being arrogant or aggressive; she is assertive
  •   She is engaged and present when she is with you

‘She is your better self. She is you transformed; she is your joy and your heart’s desire and she is waiting for her freedom.’

This is it, the steps to superlative you, the journey to your own empowerment. Continue it as soon as possible, for when you wait, the world waits; your family and community wait; for without you they are missing a vital piece of an intricate, deep and wonderful puzzle.

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