Company-Wide Cultural Development

The Cultural Transformation Process is a consultative process, designed to transform your organisational culture, utilising a combination of both ‘live’ and online leadership training intensives and individual coaching sessions, coupled with some staff development workshops and departmental brainstorming sessions.  This is a company-wide approach to solving your business challenges, inspiring your people to deliver like they never have before and creating a business that will attract and keep the best talent in your industry.

This methodology is targeted to your business, the industry standards it must meet, and specifically to its cultural development needs.  It will equip senior and executive leaders with the information, skills and clarity they need, to implement and proactively participate in, developing the company culture to achieve its best outcome.  This training process will transform the way your people work together and bring alignment, consistency, and clarity to your daily business activities.  It will also change the way you interact with your clients and your business community and thus, how they work with you.

‘She was why our culture was so memorable and became known in the industry as industry leading. Susie took a group of people from a variety of industry companies and turned them into a professional, aligned, and consistent team, willing to go the extra mile and work with a ‘one-team’ approach with each other, subcontractors, suppliers, and consultants across the industry. If you are serious about renovating your culture to create a working environment which truly reflects your vision, values, and people, then I highly recommend Susie Walker to you and your organisation.’ Simon Gray, Managing Director, Contexx Pty Ltd.

Key Elements

The Training Programs are divided into levels across and down through the organisation.  The type of training given to each group is linked but tailored to address the ways they work and influence across the business.

Leadership Program

A profound, life changing leadership program focused on both personal and professional development for every leader in your business.  This will equip them with the capability to inspire, authentically lead and engage your people, effectively accelerating business productivity and success.  This program will transform your leadership positions into an aligned, focused and professional ‘one-team’ unit.

‘Susie’s leadership program, provided to leaders at every level of our business, was a rich mixture of professional and personal development, and included both group and individual sessions; this ensured the impact necessary to drive and sustain the cultural initiatives we were seeking to achieve.  Her leadership coaching process addresses individual limitations and provides ‘active’ solutions for implementation; this individual attention was to be the catalyst for everything to change.’  Simon Gray, Managing Director, Contexx Pty Ltd – Melbourne, Australia

Teams Program

A company-wide empowerment training program focused on both personal and professional development for organisations wanting to build cutting-edge teams across their business which are competent, aligned, consistent and professional.  This program will renovate your workplace teams and link them with each other, the organisational vision and values and every leadership position in your organisation.

‘Susie is insightful and her direct, yet calm approach, allowed the team to explore their own behaviours without fear.  Relationships improved, and the management became a stronger team, more proactively engaged with each other and the business at large. Leaders left the program with improved influencing ability, the skills to better manage their teams and a range of coaching skills that enabled them to support continuous improvement within the workplace.’ Robyn Lange Cork, HR Manager, Twin Waters Resort. Queensland. Australia

Executive Presentation

If you think this approach will bring the kind of transformation you are looking for in your business, invite Susie Walker into your offices to discuss some options. She will give a one-hour presentation on Leadership, Culture and her methodology, and then offer time to answer questions and consider with you, if you are a ‘good fit’ to work together going forward. The presentation can be agreed on a day/time that suits both parties and it is offered at no cost.

Contact Susie to discuss your business needs and to book for an Executive Presentation:

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