Deep Therapy is a long-term process to clear current issues, persistent problems and traumas where good function is hindered and limiting mental, emotional, and psychological states are present.

There are Four Stages to Deep Therapy:

Deep Therapy is the EXPLORATION of how you got to where you are now, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of what you have experienced, and how it has impacted your life. This part of the process will open up your personal history and current behaviours in ways you may never have experienced, and give you a clear awareness of the way forward. Psychological assessments and other questionnaires might be used here to facilitate a deeper understanding.

Then by a process of ASSESSMENT,  the method identifies exactly the work that needs to be done so it can be tailored to you specifically. This is a clarifying and purposeful part of the process as it ensures the intervention activities to follow, will be right for you, and the changes you want to make are easily accepted by you. It is a process of understanding specifically what needs to change and how it can.

Once the first two steps are completed, the process moves to INTERVENTION, to transform each limitation into new ways of thinking, behaving, communicating, engaging and being. The transformation process begins in earnest, and targeted skill building using concepts, information, specific skills, activities, and actions to build the internal change, are implemented at a rate that works best for you.

Finally, a person experiences levels of INTEGRATION, where the new change becomes part of everyday living; it turns past limiting experiences into resourceful, well-functioning habits, creating a new version of you. It is the most critical part of this whole process; if you don’t fully integrate the changes you have made, then the new ways will not be sustainable, and you will go back to being the ‘old’ you living with your old ways. This is the reason why Susie has always worked long-term with people and organisations; to ensure they activate integration and are capable of ‘holding’ what they have learned and changed.

The Deep Therapy method is a powerful and profound process which will change your life and bring opportunities you may not have thought possible.

‘I worked with Susie in the lead up years and during the height of my sporting career in boxing. She helped me in all areas of my life to refine my thinking, understand my emotions and change unwanted behaviour. I became the top sales executive in the company I was working in and became a boxing champion, representing Australia nine times. Susie was great to work with and knew exactly how to get the best out of me. I will always be indebted to her for her brilliant work.’  Sean Connell, Australian Boxing Champion, Melbourne. Australia

How long does this process take?

The process of personally developing and making meaningful change takes time.  There isn’t a quick fix to heal yourself of traumatic experiences, and self-empowerment doesn’t happen overnight. If you’re going to work on yourself to change your life, then you need to do it correctly, and this means you need to take enough time to break up the old patterns and replace them with new behaviours, and then do the work to make what you have achieved sustainable.

Everyone grows and makes change at different rates; this is not mysterious; it is a rational approach to effectively working with a variety of people. Each person who joins the Deep Therapy Program will be given the right amount of individual attention on an ongoing basis to achieve their best results. Some people come to me for three months of sessions and only have a few things to work on, and others, who have a more complex situation, may stay to complete them for a year or even longer. 

People usually begin with either weekly or fortnightly sessions, and over time, as they feel like they have achieved most of their goals, they begin to push their sessions out to monthly and then cease. You will know when you are ready to do this. 

‘Susie’s passion and commitment to her work are evidence of the 110% she puts into everything she does. She cares deeply about each person’s story and about helping them to find a better way to live their life.  Working with Susie has changed my life significantly.’  GF South Yarra, Victoria Australia   

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