Executive Coaching Sessions

For senior executives who have reached a point where they need help to choose the best way forward, the right move to make or the way to deal with a complicated personal issue.  This work is a helping hand and a way to kick start with a new point of view.  It will give you new confidence levels, address your stress and wellbeing and strengthen your leadership capabilities both personally and professionally.

‘Susie is a vibrant and challenging coach and trainer. Her experience is extensive, based on a range of company types and styles, yet the training and principles work in each situation. Not only is she able to communicate effectively with all levels of the company – but she is able to teach and train at these different levels. She is flexible, but with an honesty, transparency, and integrity that you know proves her own training.’ Dr Jennifer Svec. Director, Regulatory & Medical Affairs, Mayne Pharma, Australia

This coaching process is a coherent model with a systematic methodology, utilising supportive challenge, self-examination, a lively discussion of what you do well, what gets in your way and the exploration of practical and authentic solutions.

The Key Benefits of Executive Coaching are:

  • Gaining a much deeper understanding of yourself and insights into your effect on other people
  • Clarity on current issues to enable new perspectives and increase your confidence
  • Building self-awareness and self-management skills to bring peace to the times you have high stress
  • Being in a safe, objective environment where you can openly test your perspectives
  • Acceleration of your development bringing growth in performance and achievements
  • An in-depth view of your power and independence and how it impacts those around you

How Does it Work?



Susie Walker

Susie Walker has been teaching and coaching leadership positions at all levels of organisations for many years; her approach is unique, personal and powerfully transformative. With experience and a proven track record across a range of industries, Susie has repeatedly demonstrated her ability to meet and exceed the expectations of her clients.  For many years, she has been actively engaged and embedded in organisations as a client-oriented enterprise conducting ongoing coaching and training sessions with leaders at all levels of the business.  She has developed her unique approach to training and consulting from her considerable experience in psychological and behavioural change work and she offers a distinctive service to business leaders who are searching for an innovative, cutting-edge process that will bring tangible and lasting results.

‘I have known Susie Walker since April 2001 when I joined Faulding Pharmaceuticals, as Head of Regulatory Affairs & Drug Safety.   She is always very professional in her approach and has achieved tremendous success with our teams.  Susie is great at both the team and individual levels and her accomplishments at Faulding have left a lasting and powerful impression.  After joining CSL Bioplasma in early 2003, I invited Susie to work with me again, and again I was extremely satisfied with her approach and the success she achieved in Regulatory Affairs.  Her success is simply a result of how she conducts herself and how she applies her knowledge and experience; Susie commands a great deal of respect.’ Patricia Soon Shiong, Director, Regulatory Affairs. CSL Bioplasma Australia

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