Ways to Deepen Your Personal Development

Programs for individuals wanting to work intensively on a specific aspect of their development and who appreciate the value of working online, anywhere and anytime, to learn at their own rate.

These ‘intensive’ programs consist a series of online training sessions, which include a variety of skills and information, guided contemplations, mindfulness activities, meditations and other types of self-examination and interventive processes, all designed to accelerate your personal development in the more esoteric areas of personal growth.

Conducted in a well-designed, well-targeted format to ensure focus, deep learning and understanding, these sessions are a comprehensive exploration into some of the foundational aspects of being a person.

Participating in this course is an enjoyable way to deepen your study of yourself and your journey through the many stages of life. It will enable you to engage the deeper and often untapped inner aspects of yourself.


Navigating Loss & Grief
Inner Fitness