A Healing Journey for Couples

Relationship Solutions is a couple’s coaching program which addresses the issues and limitations each person brings to the relationship, as well as the current impacting situations. It is designed to transform and heal the things that keep people separate and unhappy in their most important life connection. Conducted as a series of one to one and one to two sessions, it informs each partner of their own behavioural patterning, and the resulting dynamics that show up between them. This gives them both the opportunity to make personal change in preparation to deal with the issues between them.

Your life partner is probably the most important relationship in your life; as important as the relationship you have with yourself. Making your coupling a great relationship, impacts so many other areas of your life. The biggest impact is on each other and also the environment you provide for your children and others sharing your home. This work is intensive, purposeful and transformational.

‘Susie, we’ve really enjoyed learning about the things we have always found to be a challenge; you have presented them in a way that is compassionate, not demeaning. We felt really supported throughout and finally understand how we had sabotaged our relationship; resulting in amazing changes that we never thought were possible. This information is very empowering and very freeing.’ Mel and Harry. Melbourne. Australia

The Four Stages of Relationship Solutions


The first stage of this process begins with the couple attending a session together and discussing their relationship as it stands.  This is an open conversation with Susie listening, asking questions and learning about the dynamics that are operating in the relationship. Following this, the couple will each have a one to one session with Susie to explore their own life experiences and other relevant information.  This sets the ground work for the whole program. It enables the ESTABLISHMENT of the necessary guidelines and a clear  understanding of where the couple is starting their work from. Once the relationship arena has been mapped out and each partner understands what is happening in their coupling, then they are able to move to the next stage. Some strategies and skills will be given in this stage to bring the relationship into better function and encourage good communication. Psychological profiles and other questionnaires will be utilised as part of the process.


Stage two is the LEARNING phase, where skill building and developing understanding becomes the main focus. The couple attend some sessions together and some sessions individually and we work together on the behavioural patterning that underpins all the issues in their relationship.  It’s important that both people are clear about what they each bring to the  relationship and how it impacts the other person. We also work on communication, rapport and recognising differences; this brings a lot more harmony and insight for both people. We are also discussing perceptions, perspectives and exploring attitudes and behaviours that are the norms of the relationship. At this stage both people have skills and information to work with and they are practicing at home with what they have learned.


This stage is where we review and clarify what has been learned and understood, and begin to link the skills and understandings to the issues in the relationship. The is the process of CORRECTION. During this phase, both people will be learning to take what they have gained and actually use it effectively in their relationship on a daily basis. They will each learn about changing their own behaviours and influencing and inspiring their partner to respond in new ways; this is the high commerce of relationships. Each person will need to be allowing, accepting and willing to make some changes to the ways they have previously been in the relationship. It’s where they build bridges, set boundaries, make agreements and move past their old ways of interacting. Sometimes, aspects of this stage are used in the first two stages to address an aspect which needs to be completed early, in order for the couple to move forward.


Once the relationship is functioning well, and both partners are actively using the skills successfully and feeling good about the way they are together, it’s time to integrate what they have created and to heal individually and with each other. HEALING is a critical part of this methodology because this is what ensures that what has been gained is sustainable. During this stage the bond between a couple is strengthened and becomes much deeper.  They are able to openly express feelings and concerns and have resourceful arguments where respect and care are present, and solutions are found. They have also begun to live differently with each other and work actively to support each others development.

‘Susie helped us to understand and change the fundamental things that were causing big problems in our marriage as well as our family. We just couldn’t see what we were doing! She gave us simple things we could do that had a big impact on how we talked to each other and felt about ourselves. This has been truly a life saver for us.’ James & Catherine. Sydney. Australia


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